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June & July 2019



PJSPastor Notes

For the People of HOPE the arrival of summer means many things.

The first of these is that our Chancel Choir will sing two more Sunday's before taking the summer off. We have been blessed by their musical offerings in praise of God. Hope's "Chancel Choir" Sunday is June 2. They will also help us celebrate Pentecost Sunday, June 9. We thank both of our choirs, plus Marilyn Perry and Dr. Dager for their excellent inspiring contributions to our worship.

Sunday, June 16, is Trinity Sunday, and we will worship outside in the Memorial Garden, weather permitting, followed by our annual Church Picnic. Speak to Pr. Jim or me, if you are willing to help setup, barbeque or clean-up, or phone the church office.

In other summer news: The Bay Area Organizing Committee held its first area gathering with 165 people attending on a Sunday afternoon, May 19. We heard reports on challenges people are facing. These included a Sunnyvale mobile home park raising the rent for a home pad to $3,000 per month. Also named was the emotional stress faced by workers in well-paying positions. The goal of this movement is to gather more than 20 partner institutions (there are now 11, including us the People of HOPE), as well as individuals and a reliable contribution income so as that people who are now getting the short end of things get a voice at the table where they can achieve for more justice and humane policies. Look for more Organizing meetings and trainings this summer.

By mid-June and through July, August, and early fall, we enter the season of Pentecost which is sometimes called ordinary time'. Ordinary stands in contrast to the extraordinary stories of Jesus' birth (Christmas), his multiple vital appearances (Epiphany), his journey to the Cross (Lent), and his glorious resurrection (seven Sundays celebrating Easter). Now we have two more extraordinary remembrances, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, then we enter 'ordinary time', which Lutherans call the Season of Pentecost.

I find the texts of the Pentecost season to be compelling and illuminating. Jesus speaks to us, inviting us to follow him as his modern-day disciples. We live by the Grace through faith, but this faith is alive in as we use our time, skills and words each day to reflect what it is we believe. As we dare to serve as Christ's disciples, we are bound to make mistakes. Thank God, there is forgiveness. It is a different thing though, to try and fail, then to not even try. This too can be forgiven, as we recognize that it is a blessing to participate in God's work. It is the reason for our being.

One nice thing about trying and failing is that we get to learn from our mistakes. We might try to comfort someone yet say something we wish have not said. If it is really bad, then there is asking them for forgiveness. Regardless, bit-by-bit we learn how to bring comfort.

This summer remember your congregation, (or worship at some other church depending on your travels). Worship that you may encounter the living God, who seeks to nurture your spirit with love, truth and forgiveness. Following Christ, wrestling with his teachings, daring to serve enables us to deepen in wisdom and grow in our service. As Christ's faithful followers sharing the Good News of God's peace, joy and love, we enjoy a share of the divine reality starting here and now. 

Peace, Joy and Love,

John Sullivan, Pastor



From Our Associate Pastor

jimColette, Cindy and I went to the Synod Assembly in May as representatives from Hope. This year, the annual Synod Assembly was a one day event held in Lodi, California. The reason that the assembly was only one day is that the synod decided to try a one day assembly at the request of the member churches. There are disadvantages and benefits to having a one day assembly. We were able to reduce costs and time and we also didn’t get to connect with other members of the Synod and learn about what they were doing. There were the usual reports and updates from various groups within the Synod; all of which are available in the Synod report. There were also four items we needed to vote on. One involved compensation guidelines. The other three items had to do with gender equality within the ELCA. You can locate the full text of the gender equality resolutions at – www.spselca.org.

As many of you may know, houselessness is on the rise and as such, the need is great. Encompass continues to run out of supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, tooth care, deodorant, hand sanitizer, q-tips, and such. Thanks to Christ the Good Shepherd, Los Alto Lutheran and everyone at Hope for all of the support.

The ‘type of folks’ in need is varied; we have the chronically houseless (that are on the street), folks in cars and RV’s, as well as those who while they have housing are a ‘rent increase’ away from the street. Almost everyone is employed in one way or another. Some have traditional employment, some do odd jobs and some walk the streets looking for cans and bottles. There are those that are on public assistance and they too, struggle to maintain the standard of living they have. There are many over 50 years old. Misfortune is something they all have in common.

As I share with people about those in need, often there are questions about what those in need might ‘do’ better, or a story of similar misfortune is related where the outcome was different; usually someone, ‘rose’ to the occasion. I don’t doubt these accounts and I also wonder why we compare? Jesus didn’t compare or judge those he forgave; he merely forgave them. He did not ask people how they ended up in poor health before deciding to heal them, he merely healed them. There was no interview, no checking of financial records, no deciding if they were worthy, Jesus just met their need.

We’re called to love one another as Jesus loves us and to do unto one another as we would have done to us.

Pr. Jim



From Our Council President

Hello Hope Members,

June 2nd we have our wonderful choir singing for Choir Sunday. Please join us to hear what they have planned.

June 9th is Pentecost. Please wear red and join our Pentecost celebration.

June 16th will be our the church picnic. If you would like to share an appetizer, please bring it with you. We need to get some volunteers to help with the grilling and set up. Please talk to Pr. John if you're willing to help with any of this. You may also call Loretta at the church.

I would like to meet with anyone who would like to count as well as the counters that we have. We will meet in Knutsen Hall after Sunday worship during refreshment time. Please bring your calendars, and check with your significant other so you know which Sunday you maybe available to count.

Most holy Creator, we pray for anyone who is on the road this month with travel. Keep them safe from harm and bring them home to our church and community. We asked it to send your guidance to students who are dealing with finals and the end of school. Let their wisdom be a shining light.

Be with those who've lost loved ones and/or grieving. Hold them in your comforting arms and bring peace to their days. Be with our sick, lonely, and dying in our neighborhood in church community. Be with all our volunteers and staff as they joyfully fulfill their work. Be with our congregation as we move forward to be a Church reconciled in Christ. Amen.

Blessings and Peace,



Men’s Breakfast

Saturday, July 13th, 8:00 am

All men are invited to the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, June 8th, & July 13th, at Sara’s Kitchen in Santa Clara. The men will continue to gather for breakfast during the summer on the second Saturday of each month.

Come and relax and enjoy a great breakfast during the warm summer months.


Church Picnic

Following Outdoor Worship

June 16

Our annual church picnic will be held on Sunday, June 16th, following worship. All are invited to attend this fun time!

Our great menu will consist of: Scrumptious hamburgers and Jumbo Hot dogs, with all the trimmings, (vegetarian hamburgers upon request),

Chili beans

Potato salad

Green tossed salad




Bottled water

If you have a special appetizer you would like to share, please do so.

Help is needed for set up, clean up, purchasing food items, barbecuing, etc. Call the church office if you can help.


Thank You to our Choirs

The congregation sends it sincere thanks and appreciation to our talented church choirs - Chancel and Bell - for the wonderful music they have provided this past season!

Our Chancel Choir, led this year by both former Choir Director, David Chaidez, and present

Director of Music, Dr. Sandra Dager, has added a musical dimension to our worship services that is inspirational.

This talented group includes Al & Janie Haag, Laura, Isabella, & Serafina Clark-Moore, Kathy Meagher, Rosemary McElherne, Marilyn Perry, Sharon Wangsness, Roger Falberg, Pr. Jim Clark-Moore, Bente Ellis; Suzanne Barnes,

Our thanks and appreciation also to Marilyn Perry and Alice Siah for their musical accompaniment.

They will be taking a summer break and we look forward to their returning in the fall!

Our Bells of Hope Handbell Choir, under the direction of Marilyn Perry, rang some great songs for the congregation several times during the year. Our church family looks forward to these Sundays. The ringing of the bells is a unique gift and we are thankful that Hope is privileged to have this fantastic group.

Our bell ringers are: Marilyn Sall, Sharon Wangsness, Paul McElherne, and Linda Tyler. Bell ringing is a wonderful experience! Everyone is welcome to give it a try. If you have been thinking bout it, talk to Marilyn. Each bell ringer would be eager to show you how.

We also look forward to their return in the fall.


Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day is always celebrated on its calendar to acknowledge the United States’ independence from Britain.

Though this day has been declared the holiday, the process of American independence took much longer than a single day.

On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced a resolution to free the United States from British rule. On June 10th, a committee, lead by Thomas Jefferson was formed to write a document for the occasion. Today, that document is known as the Declaration of Independence.

On July 4th, not a single person had signed the Declaration, though most had signed it by August of that year. One man, Thomas McKean did not place his signature on the Declaration until 1781. However, July 4th was chosen as the day of celebration and is a day of great festivities in the United States.

The first official Fourth of July celebration took place in Massachusetts in 1781. Other territories and states had taken up the tradition by the middle of the 19th century. Today, people in all fifty US states take part in parades, set off fireworks and have picnics to honor our ancestors who fought for our freedom.


Flag Day - June 14

What do the red, white, and blue of the flag represent?

The Continental Congress left no record to show why it chose the colors. However, in 1782, the Congress of the Confederation chose these same colors for the Great Seal of the United States and listed their meaning as follows:

· Red: Valor and hardiness,

· White: Purity and innocence

· Blue: Vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

According to legend, George Washington interpreted the elements of the flag this way: the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signified the secession from the home country. However, there is no official designation or meaning for the colors of the flag.

Why are the stars in a circle?

The stars were in a circle so that no one colony would be viewed above another. It is reported that George Washington said, "Let the 13 stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens."

Why is the flag called “Old Glory?”

In 1831, Captain William Driver, a shipmaster from Salem, Massachusetts, left on one of his many world voyages. Friends presented him with a flag of 24 stars. As the banner opened to the ocean breeze, he exclaimed, "Old Glory." He kept his flag for many years, protecting it during the Civil War, until it was flown over the Tennessee capital. His "Old Glory" became a nickname for all American flags.



Some Interesting Facts About Fatherhood

While Mother’s Day holds the record for most phone calls, Father’s Day has the most collect calls.

In America, observers spend over $1 billion every year buying gifts for their father.

Hallmark considers Father’s Day to be the fifth largest card giving holiday.

Children whose fathers are involved in their life in a beneficial way tend to do better in school and stay out of trouble.

Scientists polled over a thousand adults to find that 28% felt that their fathers had the most influence on their lives, 53% chose their mothers and 15% credited both parents the same amount.

About 80% of post WWII children grew up with two biological married parents.

About 35% American children live without their biological father.